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     Welcome to the official website of the Emmanuel Holiness Conference! It is our prayer that this online resource will help you find a closer walk with God. 

      Are you a new convert that is looking for a Bible believing church to attend?  Our General Overseer: Rev. Jeff Mayo extends you a personal invitaion to join one of the Emmanuel Holiness Churches in your area. To get started exploring this website, use the quick links to your right. 


​As Of this Morning Presedent Obama issued a administrative directive to all federally funded school districts in the country that the should allow a students to choose which bathroom they use depending on their own gender identity, not the one given by God at birth.

 This flies in the face of all we, as Christians, hold to be true, and is stated as such in our discipline. We,  the Emmanuel Holiness Church, Inc. and all our affiliates and associates stand firmly against this action and believe the Obama Administration has infringed on our religious rights and common decency. This puts our children, in public schools, in direct contact with members of the opposite sex without any means of protection. We ask every one to call or contact your local representatives to let your voice be heard and encourage all local churches to cordiante with the local P.T.As to ralley against this grievous infringment of our religious liberty. If any student needs a copy of this declaration or help in matters concerning this directive please contact us. 




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